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Healing | Facial Clay Mask

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Product Details

Clay Mask for hyper-pigmentation and acne troubles. Just the dry ingredients to keep the shelf life longer. When applied the face mask will dry very firm and will tingle with first use. Color will not stain skin.


Bentonite Clay, Turmeric, & Orange Peel Powder

How to Use

Pour a good amount of the clay mixture into a plastic container, no metal. Mix with distilled water, it recommended not to use tap water, and oil from Beautiful Surprise (about 5-15 drops). Combine with a plastic fork, knife or spoon, no metal. Add water until you reach a consistency that you desire.

Shelf Life

2 years. Store in a dry place.

Containers have been tapped down as much as possible to remove any and all air from the product, so that our customers receive as product as possible.

Product sizes are not measured by weight, but the available size of the container. 

This product may leave spots on clothing as does any oil based product. 

Before using any product, we at By Lustee recommend conducting a patch test before applying product to full body. If a reaction does occur, discontinue use of product. 

By purchasing and/or using any products created by By Lustee, it is implied that you have thoroughly ready and fully understand the risks of using products that containing essential oils and release By Lustee from any and all liability. By Lustee recommends that you conduct your own research before using any of our products.



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